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The Soup & Goats

I have had a couple of days with computer trouble and migraine, so I’m a little late with the goat deliveries. I’m going to have to just skip the chit chat and go straight to the embedded media. And by that I mean it’s time for the goat pictures and videos of the week awards!

I’m not sure, but I think I may have dropped some raisins under the bench…

Kamel looking sweet. I think she’s starting to get a little woollier too.

Mio under the apple trees. With the playground main house in the background.

Bobby the goatsheep. I guess he looks so lamby because of his black fur. The whiter wool really sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s harder to see when Mio for example gets woolly because she’s already completely white.

Kamel in mid head roll.

And Kamel in mid… something? Duuude, the sky is totally touching the ground. All over. Dude.

A single black hair on Mia’s back. Well, maybe it’s two or three. But it’s still pretty cute!

And a little zoomed out view of it.

For the videos we start with a closeup look at Mio. She is a big girl now. Or at least bigger than she was before. So it goes.

Goatlog part 1 from Monday. When I got to the playground I was a little late. But that turned out to be good, since the place was closed. I said hello to the goats through the windows. And half an hour later the place opened up. I think Preben had been separated from the ladies all weekend because he was very excited when they were all let out into the fold. Even more chasing around than usual. And then Sigrid brought in some hay and they were all excited about that too.

Goatlog part 2 from Monday. At the beginning you can see Mio has just escaped through the fence to get away from Preben. And Mia follows her out. And then Sigrid comes and takes them away. No point putting them back in the fold if they can just get out again. So she took them to the apple trees and tied Mio down there. Bob was not happy about that. Being alone with Preben, and Kamel. He was very upset and ran around and baahed a lot. He doesn’t usually talk that much but he would not shut up about this. He even managed to jump through the fence too, but he ended up in the mud with the horses and no Sigrid to help him so he had to jump back into the fold. I hoped he’d calm down, but eventually I went and asked Alice if it was okay that I set him free because he was so unhappy. And I got the all clear so I took him out of the fold. You can see him running up to join Mio and Mia. Yummy fallen apples under the apple trees. Then Mia got very excited and started running around and jumping all over the place. It was kinda hard to follow her with the camera, but I love when goats just start running back and forth for no apparent reason.

There definitely are two cliques at the playground. Kamel and Preben stick together, mostly because Kamel needs Preben’s protection against Mio. And Bob sticks with Mio and Mia, mostly because even though he doesn’t always get along perfectly with Mio it’s still a lot better than being with Preben. So that’s kind of like two groups. But then when Preben is not in the fold Kamel and Bob often stick together because they get along reasonably well and Mio is quite dominating when Preben isn’t there. It’s fun to follow the office politics!

Speaking of office politics, Mia of course is the baby so she sticks with mama Mio and gets chased around by the others from time to time. But she’s getting bigger. And she is an only child so she has had a lot of attention and adoration. Not least from uncle Plume. So she’s pretty confident. In the goatlog from Thursday you can see her standing her ground against Bob and briefly almost butting heads with Kamel. For a second I thought she was going to start doing the jumping headbutts against her. But of course she doesn’t have very big horns yet, so that wouldn’t be a good idea. But she’s a self-assured little lady.
You can also see a bit of me gathering branches and arranging them for the goats. They have taken my agility setup away, but I can still arrange the branches so they stick upright and the goats can nibble at the bark and play around with them a little.
PS. Look out for the helicopter! And the bunny! And the horse! And the dog!

After spending time with the goats on Thursday I went to my parents’ place. For soup. Mmm soup. Mother’s soup is still the best in the world. IAnd there is still a little left in my fridge now. There’s nothing like tasty, warm soup on cold days. Have I mentioned that my parents will be moving in January? So this was one of the last soup suppers in my childhood home. Sentimentality. But I’ll probably write more about that another time. Now it’s time to go.

Go go go!

8 Responses to “The Soup & Goats”

  1. Traci Says:

    i must know what kinds of things are in this magical soup. Soup in the US is boring & kinda lame usually. Danish soup must be better or something. So come on, tell us! Inquiring minds want to know :)

  2. Plume Says:

    Traci – I get asked periodically about this, but I really don’t know. I think it’s probably pretty standard. Soup hen and stock and vegetables. Don’t know the exact recipe, it might very well be boring to you! But I know I love it.

  3. Debster Says:

    You have goats with no heads in your first photo. We used to see a hobby farmer who had zebra with no heads. The zebra would have their heads stuck in a big hay bale and only their rumps would stick out.

    Send. . . magical . . . chicken . . . soup . . . to . . . me – I guess you need to watch the shiny object I’m swinging in front of your face while you only listen to my voice and follow my every command.

    Hypnosis by blog just doesn’t cut it. I don’t see any soup magically appearing in front of me. Please concentrate and I’ll try it again! hee, hee

  4. Plume Says:

    Debster – Haha, zebras with their heads in the hay. I have a feeling the goats would like to do that too if they could. Sometimes when there’s a bunch of hay spred on the ground they’ll just sit down in it and stick their heads out and eat around themselves. They sure love their hay.
    I’m afraid all the magical soup is now gone, in my magical belly. Better luck next time!

  5. Debster Says:

    Your parents are moving? Are they moving closer to you or farther away and are they happy about it? Happy about moving . . . not happy about moving farther away from you! If that’s the case . . .

    We don’t like to move. We have too much stuff and too many animals. Althought I think the animals did better with our move in 2010 better than we did. Hee, hee

  6. Plume Says:

    they’re moving farther away, but not by much. It does mean that they won’t be living right between me and the playground, it was always handy having htem close by when I was at the playground in case I needed to go use the bathroom of warm up or something! Buth they won’t be too far away. It sounds like they’re happy about it, they’d like something a little smaller now that the kids have left the nest. I don’t mean the goat kids, I mean my brother and I!
    I can imagine it must be a lot of trouble moving when you have that much stuff and animals too. My parents already have a lot of stuff packed down. They don’t have THAT much stuff and no animals. I’m sure it’ll all go well.

  7. Ann T. Krist Says:

    Dear Mr. Plume – please make us another Christmas video this year again!

  8. Plume Says:

    Ann T Krist – I can’t promise anything, but I’ll see what I can do !

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