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2013 Arrival

The first week of the year has passed. One down… some others to go. What am I, a calendar? If I were a calendar I’d bring all the Mayans to the yard.

Anyway, my main concern the first days of a new year is always whether the goats got through new year’s eve safely. And happily they did. Always a relief. Now hopefully the kids can blow off all their excess fireworks and we can have a quiet year.

There were kids without fireworks at the playground on Friday. A kindergarten class or something like that. They came into the fold and I got to help them feed and pet the goats. That’s always nice to do. They get so happy and proud when they dare to touch or feed the goats. And when they realise I have raisins in my pocket they keep coming over saying “can I have some raisins to give to the goats?”. And everyone is happy. The kids named Preben “Santa”. Because of his great, white beard. Adorable.

Good times. But let’s go to the pictures.

A nice pose for Kamel.

Mia picking off the leftovers from the christmas tree feast.

Mia invading my personal space.

Mio taking her position at the fence. Feeding time, humans!

Mio seems to think she’s at the dentist.

Kamel chewing the chew.

And videos.

First a goatlog from Wednesday. January 2nd. It was great to see all the goats safely through the holidays. The christmas tree almost stripped. A woman with a dog came up to the fence and the goats were immediately on guard. Bob went to investigate while the others hung back. Eventually Mio and Mia went for a closer look as well. They’re not fans of dogs. There was a plastic bag that got stuck in the fence as well, that made them a little nervous too. You never know what those unpredictable plastic bags will get up to!

And a goatlog from Friday. A shorter one but it starts out amusingly with me taking out a bag of treats and being swarmed by goats. Help, help I’m drowning! And some cute headrolls by Bob and Kamel. And huffnpuffs from Preben.

That’s all for today. It’s late and I must go. Hope you all got through new year’s safely and happily.

2 Responses to “2013 Arrival”

  1. Debster Says:

    Yes, I’m still around. But I’ve been sick – maybe the Mayan Flu? I felt like it was the “end of the world”. hee, hee

  2. Plume Says:

    Debster – I hope you’re feeling better Debster!

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