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Medusa Corporation HQ

It’s been a quiet week. Nothing really going on. Freezing weather still. Very, very cold. But the weather forecast says we’ll get plus temperatures next week, so I’m looking forward to that.

Preben is gone from the playground now. It’s kind of strange not to hear his noises when I stand up. The last couple of weeks he was reacting less to me than before but he’d still make those noises when I moved around. But now we are down to four goats. Mio, Mia, Bob and Kamel. Four absolutely lovely goats that make me happy. There could be kids on their way too. There was a woman with a little girl who came to see the goats and she pointed to Kamel and said “that’s the one who’s going to have babies”. But I’m not sure if someone has told her so or if she just assumed. But with all the time Kamel spent with Preben it would seem likely that she’ll have babies at some point. I’d guess. We’ll see. Mio could even be pregnant again, although she always rejected Preben’s advances after she got Mia. But you never know. Per asked me if I had seen whether Mia was still drinking milk from her. And she is still doing that. So the big teats don’t necessarily mean she’s pregnant. I’d prefer if she got a little break. Goat kids are wonderful but I don’t want her to be physically stressed all the time.

It would be lovely if Kamel got kids, though. That would probably help build some confidence for her too. Maybe some little playmates for Mia.

Now on with the pictures.

Got your nose!

Standing on the shoulders of humans.

Looks like I just told Kamel a joke!

Kamel and Bob enjoying a brief spell of sunshine.

Mia looking sweet.

Still picking at the christmas tree.

Mio. She often comes over and stands right up against my leg. I think it’s her way of saying she wants scratchies.

And videos.

First a goatlog from Monday. At the beginning you can see Bob running off with my backpack. I put it on the bench to get out my sitting pad (Bodil gave it to me, did I mention that? She used it in her garden house. Good to sit on when it’s cold). Bob jumped up on the bench and got entangled in the backpack and ran off. Thief, thief! Somebody stop him! With Preben gone there is a lot more space for the other goats to explore without fear of being harrassed by his buckiness. I did a little redecorating too, moved the table and tree log closer to the bench again.

And goatlog from Friday. Starting off with Mia on my back. She heard someone inside and really started screaming. I think it was Nina inside, I couldn’t see. But she was laughing at Mia screaming on my back. Later on Bob pulled down the christmas tree that I put in the hayholder. He actually did it twice, but I didn’t get it on video the first time. He was happy enough to repeat the spectacle for me. For a second I thought he’d start dragging the tree around like he did my backpack. And later still he had a long row with Mio. I still wonder if he’s going to want to take over the leadership at some point. Now he’s the only male. But for now Mio is still bigger and stronger and still very bossy. And at the end you can see what Mio is looking at when she’s standing at her favourite position at the fence.

There you go.

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  1. Debster Says:

    I’ve got some sad news about Frankie. I sent you an email about what happened.

  2. Plume Says:

    I replied to it. I’m really sorry, Deb

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