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Trending #Goats

Not much to report this week. Other than my trip to the super bowl nothing has really happened.

That was a joke. I did have a nice supper bowl, though.

The weather has bee nmixed. Rain and sleet and snow. Day temperatures around 0. I hope they will go up soon rather than down.

I bet the goats agree with me. And since there’s nothing interesting to talk about let’s just skip ahead to the pictures.

I never get tired of Kamel’s headrolls.

Mama, baby and me makes three.

Bob keeping an eye on things.

Mia looking up.


Mia watching Felix on the other side of the fence.

What a peculiar goat you are!

And videos. First a goatlog from Monday. A little bit of snow that quickly rained away. Otherwise the usual little funsies.

And goatlog from Thursday. I like how Mio is standing at the bench, waiting patiently while I set up the camera. Once I sit down and take out the bag of old bread and banana peels there is no more patience. There is only Zuul.

And that’s all I got today. See you in the funny goat pages.

3 Responses to “Trending #Goats”

  1. Debster Says:

    Bob is so wooly – are you sure he isn’t part sheep? He wants to be a lap goat in the worst way, doesn’t he? Oh, please. Let me sit on your lap, Mr. Plume. Or stand on your back like that other little annoying white goat does. How come she gets to stand on your back and not me?

    Apples. Mmmmm. Frankie liked to pick his own apples from the tree, John Boy would sometimes eat an apple from my hand and sometimes he would say “no thank you” and pick up another apple. Billy trained me to hold an apple for him. If I wasn’t paying attention when he had eaten all the apple on one side, he’d nudge my hand to get my attention so I would turn the apple for him! What a goat.

    I’ve seen “Shark Week” on Animal Planet, but I think people need to be educated on “Goat Week” to the hazards of being mobbed by goats when you bring delicious goodies in your pockets. What a feeding frenzy for awhile. You sort of disappeared amongst all the furry goat bodies.

    No having to call goatzies a second time for treats. They are all lined up and waiting. Zuul indeed – who you gonna call?

    So what was the bird singing around 7:09 in the video, about the time the goats were looking at the horses? It sounded like our cockatiel imitating a cardinal. Do you have cardinals as wild birds? And do you have a cockatiel in the playground along with the budgies? Inquiring minds want to know!

    It was sunny today, but windy as all get out. I think March is coming in Feb like a lion. Now, where’s my kite?

  2. Debster Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Lasse!

  3. Plume Says:

    Happy valentines day, Deb! I spent mine with the goats. You wouldn’t believe how soft Bob is. I like to just stroke his back, like a wool coat. And I do think he wasnts to be a lap goat. I used to be able to sit with Mia in my lap for long times, but these days pretty much every time I try Bob comes over immediately and chases her away. I think he’s jealous!
    I would love to watch Goat Week. All week every week in fact. I won’t be laughing when I lose a finger!
    I think we may have acockatiel or two at the playground. I’m not sure though. And to be honest I’m not sure what a cardinal is exactly. So I can’t say if we have any in Denmark. I should go look it up. Maybe it’s time for Bird Week!

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