I am quite in love with the game Oblivion. And henceforth etcetera here are some screenshots.
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tes4: Oblivion By the dawn's early light.

tes4: Oblivion Looking down on the city of Anvil.

tes4: Oblivion Frostcrag Spire. My home. It's snowing, even the weather suits me here. Feel free to drop by.

tes4: Oblivion A view from the top. The imperial tower in the distance.

tes4: Oblivion A shrine.

tes4: Oblivion The moon is out, the stars invite.

tes4: Oblivion A ghost ship. With...

tes4: Oblivion ...skeletons! Uh oh.

tes4: Oblivion You should see the grass moving in the wind. Tamriel is a beautiful world.

tes4: Oblivion A bit closer to the Imperial City and the tower.

tes4: Oblivion I am a battlemage. I use my magic mostly for healing myself.

tes4: Oblivion A girl I met. We had some fun. She didn't survive unfortunately. Shame that.

tes4: Oblivion The rain falls.

That's all for now.

And now a few more:

tes4: Oblivion Sheep on parade. Doesn't this picture just make you sleepy?

tes4: Oblivion Funny thing happened. One of the sheep apparantly wanted to enter the city. So it went up to the gate. But being a sheep, it couldn't figure out how to open the gate. And the guards just looked puzzled on.

tes4: Oblivion This is my character. A Nord. Since I'm from Denmark. Nordic, get it? I thought it fit. Don't laugh at the name. Landor has been my alternate personality since my first computer rpg, Ultima 6. He is my Avatar, and I play him in all rpg games. Even the ones that aren't part of the Ultima series. In my mind he is the hero of all stories. No really, don't laugh. Level 5, a long way to go.
You might notice (although you might not) that he is still wearing the wrist irons from the beginning of the game. You start as a prisoner in the Imperial prison. I think most people will throw those wrist irosn out once they escape. And get some nice, real armour. But not Landor. He keeps those irons on to remind him of his humble origins and troubled past. Of course by now I have enchanted them with +10 shield, so they're not completely useless.

tes4: Oblivion There's a spell that allows you to walk on water. But I don't like blasphemy so I just wade.

tes4: Oblivion Velwyn is going to open a sealed portal in my basement. What will be behind it? I'm sure lots of cute, fuzzy things filled with love. Not at all an ungodly Liche of destruction.

tes4: Oblivion Whoa Umbra. Apparently in the first version of the game there were topless women. They removed it. Shoot. But it's still fun to nick people's clothes. I'm not into necrophilia, though. Unlike some characters in the game...

tes4: Oblivion And finally another shot of the Imperial Tower in the centre of the Imperial City on the Imperial Isle. Just cause it's my favourite tourist attraction.

And now a third update.
More pictures, more more more.

tes4: Oblivion Night time, the moon making the mountains reflect in the lake.

tes4: Oblivion It's the Amazing Hulk! No wait, it's an ogre. And I'm going to introduce him to a world of pain.

tes4: Oblivion Oh please, Bittneld. Don't mention it. With a name like that you can use all the friendliness you can get.
If you're wondering what that purple light is, it's just my Detect Life spell. All life forms within a certain radius are lighted up like that. It's handy in dungeons, you can see the monsters through the walls and be prepared. Good for targetting spells or arrows too.

tes4: Oblivion Oblivion, film noir style.

tes4: Oblivion It's the Amazing Hulk! No wait, it's the Uderfrykte Matron. I'll just slay her and then take a jump off of Dive Rock.

tes4: Oblivion A beautiful evening. Perfect time to train some swordplay.

tes4: Oblivion And there is my pet. It's a white Akavari tiger. I named him Plume, because it's such a brilliant name.

tes4: Oblivion I'm trying to teach Plume how to swim.

tes4: Oblivion Come on boy, you can do it!

tes4: Oblivion That's a good boy! Oh the fun we have, my tiger and me.

tes4: Oblivion Isn't he gorgeous?

tes4: Oblivion He can fight too. I suspect most people will get a pet so it can help them in fights. Not me though. I just did this for the screenshot. Plume is my pet, not my fighting commpanion. Say no to animal cruelty.

tes4: Oblivion Strike a pose. The heroic Landor. I have changed my armour. I'm now sporting a fashionably light Mithril outfit. Ready for action.

And now a fourth update.
Even more pictures, more more more.

tes4: Oblivion An ogre flexing his muscles. Oh he thinks he's so bad. Let me introduce him to my sword and we'll see what he says.

tes4: Oblivion In case you're wondering, this is a picture of me fighting against a Frostfire Atronach Gladelord. With my bare hands. That's a pretty stupid thing to do. But I left my sword in my other pants.

tes4: Oblivion A statue.

tes4: Oblivion In the snow, in the snow, where the snow ever falls.

tes4: Oblivion A famous sunset.

tes4: Oblivion I could just stand there and admire it for hours.

tes4: Oblivion So I did.

tes4: Oblivion As the sun slowly set...

tes4: Oblivion ...and was replaced by the moon.

tes4: Oblivion No, this is not another picture of the Imperial Tower. Look at the hill on the left. There's a house. I built that, I did! My very own Oblivion mod. A house. Avatar Manor.

tes4: Oblivion A closer look at Avatar Manor. There is actually nothing inside. I haven't finished it yet. I only have the framework up. Still have to get the interior done. You might notice that there is snow on the roof even though it's a seemingly beautiful day. That's because I cheated and used a Bruma house model for my house. Not realizing that Bruma is in the cold North and my house is in the warm Imperial center. D'oh! I have a good excuse for it though. Being a cold-loving Nord I have obviously cast a Perpetual Frost spell on my house. If I had a Perpetual Frost spell in real life I would do just that. Everlasting snow, that would make me happy. It still pisses me off that Narnia describers eternal winter as a curse. Curse my ass.

tes4: Oblivion Mazoga the Orc. Orcs are nice people in Oblivion. Most of them anyway. Mazoga wants to be a knight. I might help her out.

tes4: Oblivion Apparently Mazoga the Orc knight of the White Stallion wants to go hunting for black bow bandits. Why not, I have some time to kill.

tes4: Oblivion A little later on and I have a unicorn!

tes4: Oblivion What a mighty unicorn it is. It is actually part of a quest where you have to kill it to get its horn. I doubt I'll complete that quest though. Why would I kill my unicorn? You can buy horses in the game but I never bothered with them because I prefer traveling on foot. At least I did until I found the unicorn. There is something very, very satisfying about riding through the country on a unicorn's back. Majestic.

tes4: Oblivion While riding around I met a deer. Actually I think deer was the first thing I met when I left the prison tutorial at the start of the game. I went sight-seeing in the countryside, before I started seriously playing the game. And I met a couple of deer. They were just running along. My first taste of how beautiful the world was.

tes4: Oblivion And now on horseback (or unicornback rather) I can keep up with the deer.

tes4: Oblivion It almost looks like a deer hunt, but I swear I didn't hurt it. I just rode along next to it.

tes4: Oblivion And after that our hero rode off into the sunset. Maybe I'll name my unicorn Jolly Jumper.

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All screenshots taken from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.



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