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One of the gang

I meant to update yesterday, but I got caught up with working on my site. You can see the result here. Wow! A cast page! Every blog needs one.

At least I need one. And now there it is. Nothing special, but more additions coming soon.

The last couple of days have been fine. Work followed by spending time with the animals and then home to relax.

There hasn’t been too much to do at work lately. I found some time to make some advertisement posters for my blog. Hehe. You can see one here (strangely sideways though). I made a few, just with different pictures and different subtexts. Fun. I put one up on the message board at Favorit when I went shopping. I wonder if anyone will find it interesting and come here. You never know. It seems sort of silly to advertise when you don’t have anything to really advertise for. Just a little blog. But it’s all in good fun.

After all, the world needs more advertising.

I saw the cutest little dog at Favorit.


I don’t know if you can really tell from the picture. But it was tiny. It was like the size of my hand. Roughly speaking. Tiny tiny.

I saw the cute bargirl at work again. Been a couple of weeks since I saw her last. So that was nice. She was sitting outside our office, eating. I was getting off work. When I passed by her I said “have a nice weekend” to her. That might not seem like a big deal. But actually saying something to a pretty girl, that’s not easy for me. Especially since we have never really talked, we don’t know each other. She’s a strange, pretty girl who I have a little crush on. So the fact that I was able to say anything at all to her, that was good. And she said “thanks, you too”. And I left. With a smile on my face.

I was talking to Skye about it yesterday. Sort of funny conversation. We were talking about how I had a crush on the bargirl, what I thought about her. And what I thought about the girl with the camera from the playground. Odd. Talking to Skye about other girls. But it’s nice too. That we can talk about these things and be friends. It’s really nice that she wants me to have a new girl.

Not that I see it happening any time soon. I am busy working on myself, working on my life. When that is straightened out then I can look for girls. But I like having a little crush on the bargirl. It just spices up your day if you have someone cute that you hope to see. Little nice moments.

I like what Lindsay said in my guestbook about new beginnings. I really hadn’t thought about it like that, but it is appropriate to start a new journal now that I’m sort of starting a new life, a happier existence. Wouldn’t it be nice if in 5 years I could look back at this blog and see it full of happiness and accomplishments and continued growth? Sort of like I can look back at my dland and see the bad times and the negativity. Starting afresh here is sort of like leaving all those bad feelings behind. They’re a part of me, a part of who I am. But they are no longer the most prominent part. They don’t rule my days or haunt my nights. They are the past and this sort of feels like letting them go.

Not to be random or anything, but I had a slush-ice the other day. I have never tried those before. Lovely. I love cold drinks. I put ice in everything.

We can’t have an entry without visiting the playground.


Look at White. He got coal on him. I was thinking maybe he wanted to look more like his brother, Black. That would take a lot of coal though.


Mads got aggressive with me on Thursday. I mean really. He was ramming me hard. Continually. I’m not sure why. Maybe he was annoyed with me because I wouldn’t let him chew on my coat. Or maybe he was jealous because I was paying so much attention to Mathilde. My favourite theory though is that he is starting to think of me as one of the animals, maybe even a fellow goat. Hah. I don’t know. I don’t think I have seen him ramming anyone else like that. Normally when he’s sort of pushy he just pushes his head against people. But the full-on ramming like this, I have only seen him do that to other animals. He was taking two steps back and then charging forward with his horns against me. If I hadn’t defended myself with my arm I could have been really hurt! I think he was a little puzzled that I didn’t get up and run away. That’s how all the other animals react when he charges them. But I just sat there and blocked him with my arm.

Yesterday he didn’t charge me at all. Maybe because I didn’t sit down. I guess when I’m standing up I make for a lot bigger target, more intimidating. Anyway, I’m not sure what it was all about but we’re still the best of friends. I don’t mind if he gets a little rought with me, I can take it.


Mathilde was as gentle as ever. She can do the charge thing too, but only to the sheepies. She’d never be brave enough to do it to a human. And not to Mads either I think. He’s the dominant one.

And Magnethe is the little baby girl. Mads sometimes charges her though. Then I tell him he’s being a big old meanie and he should pick on someone his own size. Silly goats.


It almost looks like she’s standing on two legs there. She’s leaning on a branch though. My how she’s growing.


I picked some leaves from the bushes and fed them to her. She liked those. She still nibbles at my fingers too, I have to be careful or she’ll bite them clean off I bet! Sharp teeth. But it’s still everso darling when she’s nibbling at you.

The girls where there too. And of course they demanded I take a picture of them.


Or two.


One of them asked if she could take a picture with my camera. So I let her do that. She went and took one of Musse and Sine.


She’s got talent. If I had told you that it was one of my pictures you probably wouldn’t have flinched. But I don’t know if that says something about her talent or mine…

I think I went to the playground every day this week. Now it’s weekend and it’s closed. I feel like a drug addict. I want to see my goats.

I wonder if the cute bargirl likes animals. I could tell her that I wanted to show her something nice and she could come with me and I could show her Magnethe and she’d be all “aww” and I’d tell her about Mathilde and she’d be all “aww” and I’d protect her from Mads and she’d be all “aww” and then we’d live happily ever after.

You never know.

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  1. stace Says:

    ooh, the cast page is a great addition. i sure wish i could have one of those. livejournal ought to learn a lesson from that.

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