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Sits With Goats – or Conversations With My Mother

I didn’t sleep well last night. Tossing and turning. Waking and dozing off. The temperatures are rising. I always sleep better when it’s cold.

I have been adding more stuff. Links to some people and things. A faq, mostly built on the old diaryland faq. If you can think of any questions to add to the faq please send them to me. Also I brought over the greetingz and panties page. Split them in two. Please contribute yadda yadda.

Also a link to a desktop screenshot. And my snailmail address. Yes, that’s right. My real name and address. I am brave, don’t you think? Send me some postcards or something.

It’s kind of dangerous to put your real name up like that. I looked at our computer’s history and my mother has done a google search for it. Uh oh. She was trying to find my new domain, I’m sure. I’m not surprised. She always snoops. I have to keep my bedroom door locked, and even then it’s no guarantee. She goes through my brother’s pockets too. And she messes with my cell phone. It’s quite annoying. She doesn’t respect anyone’s privacy.

I decided to take counter-offensive measures. I showed her my website. Just the front page and the blog. I scrolled down on the blog and just made it seem like it was only pictures of animals and nothing more. I don’t know if she buys it. Maybe it will stop her from searching for it again. Or maybe she memorized the address and she’ll come back and read this.

Hi mum!

She doesn’t understand much English though. But in case you’re here mum I just want to say “respektér dog mit privatliv” and “undskyld at jeg er så besværlig en søn”.

At least our relationship is better than it used to be. Today she told me that she had probably been too hard on me in the past. When she had thought I was lazy because I didn’t go out. She wouldn’t have thought so if she knew about my social phobia. So that was good to hear. It’s a good feeling, that she understands me better. I am less alone in many ways.

When I went to the playground today I was greeted by a girl shouting “The guy who takes pictures of the animals is coming”. Sweet. I wonder if I could make a career in animal photography. There must be a big demand for sentimental drivel these days, right?


Magnethe taking a drink. She doesn’t feed from Mathilde often anymore. She’s grassing like the others.


As I said, the temperatures are rising. I don’t like it at night, but it does make for beautiful days. The grass is greener. It’s nice to just sit down and watch the goats. If I should have an indian native name it should be Sits With Goats. Or maybe Runs With Goats. I ran a little with Mads today. It’s not too hard, he can’t run very fast. The fat little meanie, hehe. If you go back and look at pictures of him from a year ago then he’s a slim devil. I wonder if there is such a thing as diet grass?

Something new happened today. Mathilde stood up for herself. When Mads was charging her. I have never seen her do that before! Normally when Mads lowers his head and charges then everybody runs from him. But today Mathilde fought back. They were actually duelling with their horns. And Mathilde was dishing it out as much as Mads was.

I still don’t want to read too much into things, but I wonder if Mathilde is just generally getting more confident? It seems like it. Maybe I have helped in that. Just a month ago she was much more shy around people and she would never stand up for herself against Mads like that.

I can’t help being a little proud of her. You go girl!

Although I don’t like to see them fighting of course. I prefer the harmony in the sunshine. But I guess it’s just natural behaviour. They can go at each other and then a minute later they’re standing next to each other, eating grass, as if nothing had happened. They don’t seem to hold a grudge like people do. Maybe that’s why goats don’t start wars.

mathilde vs mads

mathilde vs mads

mathilde vs mads

mathilde vs mads

I wonder what Mads is thinking about all this. On Friday I wouldn’t let him badger me and now Mathilde won’t let him tyrannize her. He’s used to getting his way I think. I still give him lots of time and cuddles though. I hope he can tell I still love him as much. Even if he can’t bully us anymore.


Finally I must say a huge thank you to Bunnyrabbit (that’s how I still think of you, by the way). She set me up with a Livejournal syndication. Sweet. If you have a livejournal you can add that one to your friends list and you’ll get my entries on livejournal. Awesomness. Just… don’t forget to come here and look at my rad stuff too. Panty pictures, you don’t get them on livejournal!

And there’s more new stuff coming. The future is bright, and so am eye.

3 Responses to “Sits With Goats – or Conversations With My Mother”

  1. catz-eyes Says:

    ok, have caught up on your entries… and LOVE the new site! looks great! and think its very cool you’ve put up your name/address. speaking from experience, the chances of some weirdo absuing your trust in human nature are minimal. ove the goat pics, as always – they do bring a smile to the face, which is a good thing. taking photos of animals as a career? good idea! you have a natural gift for it.
    also: its interesting reading over what you’ve been through and where you’re at now… i guess because we share more than one or two things in common, although you are WAY ahead of me! you’re a pretty cool guy matey!
    Jay =^..^=

  2. Katherine Says:

    An alternative to a real address is a post office box, which is inexpensive to rent I think. But you’ve been on line for a long time and have never incurred stalkers so you should be ok. Just…um, I hope the spammers don’t start sending you hard spam!

  3. Kat Says:

    Power to the word press & cute goats! Love the new site!

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