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The December Weather Obfuscation Paralysis

It’s December now, and winter has arrived. Cold and wet. Sitting on the bench with the goats on Thursday I even caught a little snow falling. Tis the season. I’m going to have to break out the thermal underwear again. The winter coat and snow pants are no longer enough. And I am already working on my mother, trying to get her to cook up another batch of soup. The perks of being a frozen wallflower.

Harder to take pictures in the bad weather, but I did manage to squeeze in a few. So on with the goats.

Kamel in a rare sunshower.

And i had to take advantage of the brief sunshine to take another, this time Mio snuck into the frame.

Bob with his hooves on the cinderblock.

And closerupperer of Bob.

This is a video still. I just think it nicely illustrates how big Mia is getting! Three and half months old. Bob is a year and a half but she’s catching up to him. She still drinks milk from momma regularly, as you can tell by her dirty knees.

And finally a sweet one of mama Mio.

That is the pictures. Now for the videos.

First a goatlog from Monday. There’s a sweet bit with Bodil’s dog Sif running around crazily while Mio sticks her head through the fence to keep watch. Bodil was laughing and laughing, I can’t recall ever seeing Sif being that animated. Cute. There’s also another sped-up part with me moving tree logs and tables around. Just imagine the Benny Hill theme playing.

And a goatlog from Thursday. I couldn’t film much because of the rain (and snow) so it’s a short one. There’s a little of Bob on the cinderblock and tree log. Kamel looking up at my hands. And then the goats fleeing to the far corner of the fold when people were making a lot of noise inside the stables.

And that’s yer lot for this week. The funny little video of Mia jumping around and butting heads with Kamel from last week was reposted by the Goats Facebook page. That means potentially almost 30,000 people seeing the video. Okay, not all of them will watch it. But it’s still cool. It’s been up there a day and it has 40 re-shares and 90 Likes. That makes me happy. I love my goat friends and I love sharing them. I’ve gotten a couple of nice new friends on Facebook who like goats as well. Which is nice, because I do spam a lot of goat posts.

Speaking of goats, which I am always, I have also commisioned a custom fridge magnet for my new fridge magnet collection. A magnet with a picture of Mads and Magnethe, my two dearly missed goat friends. It will be nice to have them on my fridge along with magnets from people I know around the world. I have already gotten a couple of pledges from people on Facebook who are willing to send me magnets to go with the ones I already have. So that’s really nice. And in general I have been feeling better lately. After a period of not feeling so good. Things are looking up. And I’m still off the cola. Drinking more water. Go me, go. Go, go, go.

Now I have to go.

3 Responses to “The December Weather Obfuscation Paralysis”

  1. Debster Says:

    A little goat told me a package was mailed off to someone we know in Denmark today!

    Do you think I can find any magnets of our area? No – however I will keep my eyes open.

    I can understand why our Post Office nationwide is in such big trouble. Since the clerk was having trouble figuring out how much I owed (due to a new program on their computer), she suggested I do it on-line and not come in to the post office!

    It was taking too much time of her time to figure out. They had also changed the form I have always filled out to mail overseas packages (they’ve had the same form for the last 40+ years now). Gee, do they not know that fewer people than ever will be using the Post Office with service like that. Maybe they do really want to close after all?

    I wasn’t shipping anything bad or to a bad country either . . . go figure! Guess they want to keep the postal system safe by not allowing you to ship anything anywhere!

    I’m really looking forward to mailing my Christmas package to my friend in Australia in a couple of days!

  2. Debster Says:

    Youtube videos to watch – McDonald’s Happy Meal 2012 Transformers Commercial and McDonald’s: Champions of Happy, Goat

    We saw the second video on TV the other day. My husband and I were both like: “What did we just see?” “There was an animated goat in a McDonald’s commercial!”

    Goats rule! You and I have always known it, but now evidently everyone else (McDonald’s) does, too. I wonder if the goat is drinking goat’s milk?

  3. Plume Says:

    Debster – Yay package! I will wait anxiously for its arrival. Thank you! Is there anything you or the household would like for christmas, from amazon? Do I still owe you books? I don’t even remember. But if there’s anything you’d like, let me know. Would be happy to get you something.
    Haha, well it sure would make the postal service’s job easier if everyone just did all the work themselves at home and then just popped in to pay at the post office. I wouldn’t mind a job like that. Just sitting down and drinking a cuppa and atlking to the colleagues and accepting money. Hey, that sounds kinda like what the goats do oly they get raisins instead of money! Lucky critters.
    I shall have a look on youtube for those videos. Goats rule, it’s true it’s true!

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