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Early Bedshaped

It’s been a pretty quiet week. Nothing too interesting going on.

I didn’t feel well on Thursday. It helped visiting the goats, but when I got back home I started feeling poorly again. So I went to bed early. It was quite nice actually, going to bed early and waking up naturally, early the next day. I always have a hard time getting rested. I always sleep too little or too much. But I’m going to try going to bed early now. At least for a few days. I’m getting the locks in my apartment replaced on Tuesday so I have to be up early on that day. I will try an earlier bedtime at least until then. Maybe I’ll like it so much that I’ll keep doing it. You never know.

Also, still drinking almond milk. I mentioned that, right? I don’t really like the almond taste that much, but since I don’t drink much milk I can live with it. I only really miss the normal milk when I eat cornflakes. Which I normally only do on the days I go visit the goats. But I’m making do. I have also stopped buying butter. Again. I miss the seasalted butter. But. I’m making do. For now. Did 140 minutes on the bike today. New record. Watch out, Lance Armstrong.

I’m all out of soup. There was less leftover soup than normal. It lasted till Thursday, but only because I didn’t eat any of it as nightly snacks. It’s always a little sad when I run out. Back to regular food, like a chump. The weather should be warming up next week, though. So good timing I guess.

Let’s get on with the playground pictures.

Kamel and Bob at the fence.

Cold and wet Mia. Aw.

You’d think I put raisins behind my ears!

Mio on the lookout.

Mia hiding behind mama.

Mia sitting down on the bench. They usually sit on the ground. As seen…

…here. Sitting on the ground.

And a last one of Mio.

And then the videos.

First the goatlog from Monday. Most of it is a butting match between Kamel and Bob. I love how their tails wag when they butt heads. It’s also quite cute when Mia is licking the grating thing. She’d make a good window cleaner, as I said on her Facebook page.

And a goatlog from Thursday. My favourite bit is Bob rolling around on the ground. Crazy little goat! I don’t know why they do that. I remember his mother Magnethe doing the same kind of thing on the dirt hill in the horse field. Kind of like pushing their head against the hill and then falling over and rolling around. With a wagging tail. Just too cute.
I’m not sure why those little hay/dirt mounds were in the goat pen. But later on a couple of the playground workers came and started clearing them off. The goats didn’t like the wheelbarrows! It’s always cute when they run to the far side of the pen and stand in a group and watch carefully what’s going on. Usually it’s something scary like a cat or a flying plastic bag that spooks them.

And that’s all. Time to go to bed early, again.

4 Responses to “Early Bedshaped”

  1. Terri Mazzoni-Flaherty Says:

    Always enjoy reading about and seeing you and your goat family. <3

  2. Plume Says:

    Thank you Terri!

  3. Debster Says:

    Your two girls are getting a bit plump around the mid-section! I think there’s some baby goats a-coming soon.

    That silly Bob. Must be a Boer goat thing to roll around on the ground and do those head rolls. I’ve never seen our pygmy goats do the head roll.

    Much head pushing going on in the first video and not so much head butting. Much tail wagging though.

    We’re having another blizzard going on today. Possibility of 6 to 10 inches of snow. We already have 4 or 5 inches on the ground from the last snow. It’s really windy along with the snow. Don’t know that we’ll be going anywhere today to work.

    That’s what we need, some strong young people to muck out all the old hay and haul it away. That stuff gets heavy, especially if you have a donkey to add to the mix.

  4. Plume Says:

    Debster – I wouldn’t be surprised if Mio had something soon. Sibligns for Mia! I still find it harder to tell with Kamel. But hopefully!
    Maybe the head roll is a boer thing yes. I don’t think Mads did it. But then Mio doesn’t realy do it either. Not much anyway. Kamel and Bob do it all the time. Silly goats.
    Hope the blizzard passed ok. Today is the first day of spring in Denmark. We had lovely sunshine yesterday and 5-8 degrees. That’s more like it.

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