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When You’re 35

I had a busy week. Well, not really. But I had foot therapy and a birthday. That’s TWO things. I am still exhausted.

I was supposed to have foot therapy on Monday, but it got moved to Tuesday. I had the big, yearly checkup so it took a couple of hours. It was downwards of -10C in the morning. Brrr. I still have wounds from blisters on my heels from new shoes blabla. That’s boring. Other than that nothing too new. My foot therapist has moved and is now located literally almost next door to the playground. So that’s a lot easier for me. I could just pop right over and spend time with the goats after I was done with the foot treatment. Unfortunately the playground closed early that day because the staff was away. So I only got a couple of hours in. But that was still nice. Especially after the sun came out.

My birthday was on Friday, but I celebrated with the folks on Thursday for scheduling reasons. I started off going to the playground and spending a good, lovely time with the goats. Again very cold until the sun peeked out. Then I went to my parents’ place for dinner. It was nice seeing their new apartment with the sun shining. I felt like I could actually see the place this time. A good little time with good food. Goats and family, that’s a nice birthday celebration. On Friday I got a bunch of nice birthday wishes on Facebook which made me jolly happy.

As a special birthday treat, here is a photo of a photo of my brother and I, circa 198choo.

I’m on the right. I like our overalls. Hah.

Anyway, now I’m too tired to write. And ready for spring to begin. Let’s get on with pictures.

Bob pondering his escape. He _could_ get through there if he was properly motivated. He’s done it once before. When Mio and Mia were taken from the pen and he was left back there with Preben. He did not like that one bit, and he managed to jump through the fence. But he doesn’t seem to want to do it again, even though every now and then he goes to the fence like that and looks out. Maybe there’s too much mud outside. And big horsies.

Speaking of. The goats aren’t the only ones who like to sit down in the sunshine. Fernando did it too.

And Kamel.

Kamel and I.

Hold me closer, tiny jumper.

Aah, sunshiney!

Mio and Mia enjoying the sun.

Hello Mia!

Still standing on my back.

The girls.

And videos.

Goatlog from Tuesday. As I mentioned, they closed early. At the end you can see the goats being let in. And the fight for the food buckets begin. This is why the goats always baah when they hear people inside. They think it’s time to come in and get fed. Not like they don’t get food when they’re outside! But there’s never enough food if you’re a goat.

And from Thursday. Before my birthday dinner. Mia was quite loud. And it was very cold. But thankfully the sun came out eventually. A couple of kids came into the pen to say hi to the goats. The older one was kind of goating (harhar) the younger one to go in and pet Mia. There’s a funny bit where Bob is sneaking up on her from behind and the older girl said “watch out!” and the younger girl turned around and saw Bob and yelped and ran away to safety.

And that’s all for today. Here’s to the future.

4 Responses to “When You’re 35”

  1. the trace Says:

    great photos! I especially love the one of Mio in the sunshine :) Here’s to the future indeed!

  2. Plume Says:

    the trace – Thanks Traci! Sunshine and goats, two of my favourite things!

  3. Debster Says:

    Moominkids! What a cute picture of you and your brother.

  4. Plume Says:

    Debster – Haha yes! Thanks, Deb!

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