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The Horse & The Hailstorm

It’s been a cold, cold week. The calendar says springtime. But it sure feels like winter. On Monday we had a really fierce, biting wind. It was supposed to be a snowstorm, but the snow had stopped falling by the time I headed out to see the goats. The wind kept howling, though. And so did the goats. I think they just wanted to go inside to get out of the wind. Or maybe they hadn’t been fed during the morning, because they did quiet down once a bale of fresh hay was dropped into the pen. I went home on frozen blocks of ice after sitting in that wind for hours. On Thursday I went back to see the goats again and by then the wind was thankfully gone. But the snow started falling again. It’s lovely, sitting on the bench, watching the snow fall and the goats play. Still cold, but a lot easier to handle. I love watching the snow fall on Bob’s black fur. I caught him on video a couple of times shaking it off. Like a dog shaking the water off after running through the sprinklers in a pet food commercial. I made a video with slomos, see it below. I could watch that all day.

The weather forecast says we’ll be getting temperatures above zero now so that’s nice. The snow will probably stay on the ground for a while, though. But hopefully spring will come back soon. Only a week away from April. It needs to warm up.

Other than that there’s not much new. Some health regime news. But ehh. Too boring. A thank you to Debster, I got the card! Thank you very much to you and the gang. Lovely card. Oh I just noticed I still have the christmas decoration you sent me hanging from the drawer in my TV table. How merry!

Now let’s get jolly with the goats.

Bob looking up at the cold, white stuff falling on him. The sky appears to be falling, Mr Lasse.

Falling on goats and men alike.

Snow or sleet, Kamel must smile.

Mia exploring in the snow.

Mio in the snow. She’s getting quite wide now.

Sille at the gate.

Walking in the snow.

Walking in the snow.

Walking in the snow. Descriptive!

And videos.

First a little one of Bob in the snow. As I said, shaking the snow off his back. Love it to bits.

Goatlog from Monday. With the fierce wind. The goats just wanted to be let inside. Baahing loudly. It was pretty much the loudest I have ever seen Kamel. Or heard, I guess. She doesn’t talk much but she has a sweet voice. It’s funny how loud little Mia is compared to the others. Like a little fog horn. I like Mia’s little double take when Per came to the fence. She was baahing and then he startled her and then she kept baahing.

And goatlog from Thursday. With lots of falling snow.

And that’s about all. Ready for the reboot.

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  1. Debster Says:

    Our boys do that shaking thing, too. We call it “fluffing”. We like the sound it makes just as much as watching them do it.

    When the boys get snow or loose hay on their backs, we say: “Come on, fluff.” Then you get to hear that sound and see them shake and fluff up their hair.

    I think you and I are just too easily amused, Lasse! Give us a goat and some snow and we could fill up an afternoon watching goats shake.

    My husband and I went to one of our contractor friends’ barn Saturday (before we got 4 inches of snow on Sunday). We saw dozens of newborn baby lambs. They were so cute and soft. There were some twins and some triplets born, too. I could never raise goats or sheep. I’d want to keep all the babies!

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