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Fall to Climb

We are definitely under my comfort zone now, temperature wise. It’s tolerable when the sun is out and strong. But I’m missing summer, in many ways. There is too long till the next one. I need to grow wings and fly south for the winter. That or hibernation. I think that might be the way to go.

Not much has happened this week. Last Sunday my dad came and picked up the computer I had set up for them. On Tuesday I went to my parents’ place and hooked it up and got it all going. So far so good. I’m quite happy with the way I got the system set up and hopefully it will work well for them. My mother is currently in the hospital, though. Suffering from what I think is called “Erysipelas”. It’s an infection type thing in her legs. She has had it before and it’s quite severe I think. She’ll be in the hospital for a while yet. I’m planning to go see her on Tuesday. Just a short visit. I’m not good at sociable things. But hopefully she’ll be doing better soon and back to normal.

Nothing new with the goats. Things aren’t quite back to normal yet. But hopefully it gets better all the time. Next week is autumn vacation in Denmark. We’ll see. They are still my little precious diamonds. My love for them never falters.

Now, photos.

Sweet Mia.

Loud Mia.

Mia and Kamel hanging out.

Palle still drinking from mama.

Palle enjoying the grass.

Growing up handsome.

And then a series of pictures I took on my way to my parents’ place. It was a beautiful fall day with glorious sunshine and leaves in allsorts colours. I couldn’t quite capture the beauty in the photos but at least it’s something different from goats!

And a goatlog with alle the funtimes from this week:

And that’s all for this week, folks. See you in the next one.

5 Responses to “Fall to Climb”

  1. Debster Says:

    Oh your poor Mom! That sounds like a painful condition to have. Has she had to stay in the hospital very long in the past? Sounds like she’ll have IV antibiotics for awhile to make her feel better. Hope she gets to feeling much better soon.

    Autumn vacation? Do your schools go year-round? Where we live, the kids go to school from August 22nd or so till the end of May or the first part of June (depending on how many snow or fog make-up days they have during the school year).

    They’re off around 10 days or so at Christmas and New Year’s and have long weekend at Thanksgiving, off Good Friday and the weekend at Easter, President’s Day in Feb, Memorial Day in May, and Labor Day in Sept. The summer months they don’t go to school.

    Some states do have school year-round, but we don’t. Since not all the high schools and some grade schools are air-conditioned, it’s just too hot to keep kids inside a school in 100 F weather.

    I think it’s also based on our early agricultural culture, too. The kids were needed at home during the summer months to help with the gardens, farming, cutting hay, and harvest time. When growing season slowed up, parents sent the kids to school.

    My Mom went to a one-room school house in the country when she was in grade school. One teacher taught all the different grades. Mom really liked it and most of the kids who did go to one-room schools received lots of personal attention from the teacher.

  2. traci Says:

    I enjoyed watching the goats eat the radishes. So cute! Hope your mom feels better soon

  3. Ann T. Krist Says:

    John Locke was right about most everything.

  4. Ann T. Krist Says:

    See you in another life brotha! :) :) :)

  5. Plume Says:

    Debster – Yeah, it’s no fun. She’s been in the hospital with it before. She’s off the IV now but she’ll probably still be there for a week or two. Getting better though.
    It’s been a long time since I went to school! I’m not even sure how the vacations are these days. But if I recall correctly there’s a couple of months (maybe a little less) off in the summer. And a week in spring and autumn. And then there’s christmas/new years. Something like that. The summer vacation was always like a wonderful dream you looked forward to!

    Traci – Radishes? You mean the apples? They were small but definitely apples! Thanks!

    Ann T. Krist – Oh yeah! Now I feel like watching Lost again!

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