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Friends forever

Aw you guyses. Thanks for the comments. You have made me feel right at home here. I appreciate it. I am a lucky person in many ways.

I have added a link to my guestbook. I like my getstring guestbook a lot. That I’m able to make replies especially. So if you want me to reply to your comments you might want to leave them in the guestbook. But feel free to leave comments directly to entries too, of course.
It’s all good.

2 Responses to “Friends forever”

  1. Annie Lee Says:

    TO the Esteemed Mr. Plume:

    I came across your website the other day and have spent the best part of two days reading it. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. And I’m glad the story is rolling toward a happy continuation.

    Continue with the meds; some of us are born with the chemicals in our brains configured someplace way off the spectrum. So there can’t be any kind of guilt, shame or embarassment about that. I’ve learned to be thankful that I live in the age of meds. Seven years @ 120 mg/day = I feel fine.

    You may be on them forever. Maybe you can’t be fixed by therapy alone, but the two-prong approach is a modern miracle.

    Cheers, my friend. I look forward to the day you will make your first post from your own place.


    PS, I was serious about the crying. And the laughing.

    PSS, Your English! Where and how did you get this fabulous English?

  2. Plume Says:

    Thank you Annie. I appreciate that a lot. You are too kind.
    I have always loved languages. I guess I have a natural ear for it.

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